Process Service

All investigators and process servers at Kgriff Investigations are fully licensed and certified to serve legal papers of all types including citations, subpoenas, TRO’s, summons, lis pendens, Precepts, Notice of Hearing, and protection orders throughout the State of Texas.  All civil process servers are certified by the Texas Supreme Court.

Kgriff has been serving legal documents for as long as she has been in business (over 30 years!) Legal professionals have trusted Kathy and her team to deliver documents in a fast and efficient manner. KGriff is known for locating and serving hard-to-find and evasive recipients. If necessary, we will utilize the same skip tracing databases that local and national law enforcement agencies use to find persons of interest. 

While our process service is concentrated in the greater Houston area, we also have offices throughout Texas as well as a national network of partner process servers.


The policy of Kgriff Investigations is to assign documents to our process servers immediately upon receipt.  We attempt delivery at key times of the day or night and vary our attempts to ensure prompt service.

Call us for our competitive rates. Most of our service is accomplished within 24-48 hours of your call. Rush and Priority Rush services are also available.