About Us 

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Founded & Managed by Kathy Griffin

[ Licensed Private Investigator ]


Kathy Griffin grew up in Houston, Texas and attended the University of Texas in Austin. A great part of Kathy's formation came from her dad, a Houston Institution. Michael Griffin is the consummate Houston booster. Much of his notoriety came from his ownership and management of Griff’s Pub near downtown Houston for 56 years -- the oldest Irish sports pub in Houston. He held rallies and parties for Houston’s sports teams, athletes, and even politicos. He’s semi-retired now, but he can still be found working with the Kgriff team by serving civil process. As Griff likes to tell people, “Be nice to your kids, you never know when you’ll be working for THEM one day!”


Kathy spent a lot of time at that bar, growing up… hanging out with dad. Whether it was St. Pat’s Day or a big playoff game, Griff would end up hiring some HPD officers for security. Over time, Kathy got to know and admire half of the Houston Police Dept. When she graduated UT, a lot of those guys were retiring from city duty and many started working as private investigators. One of them took a chance on Kathy as an intern, and the rest is history.  

Kgriff Investigations & Civil Processing, Inc. is the largest female-owned, full-service investigative agency in the State of Texas. Certified as a WMBE by the City of Houston and as a HUB by the State of Texas, Kgriff Investigations offers a wide range of services including background checks, surveillance, employment screening and much more to business and private clients alike. Our continued commitment to excellence, value, and quality service has been and will continue to be the foundation on which our success is built.


Founded in 1992, Kgriff Investigations opened its doors with two employees and two clients. Kathy started by conducting employment screening, civil processing, surveillance, and other investigative services. Over the years she assembled a team of the finest private investigators in the business. Through hard work and a focus on customer service, Kathy built KGriff into one of the leading full-service investigation firms in the United States.

Kathy's clientele encompasses several Fortune 500 Companies as well as several hospital groups in the world-renowned Texas Medical Center.  Kgriff also partners with national and international law firms, real estate companies, property managers, and private and public corporations. But day to day, our most important clients are the individuals and small businesses that count on us to protect their interests. Discretion and confidentiality are top priorities in all of our client relationships.

Kgriff Investigations works with clients and investigators from coast to coast. Our home office is in Houston with branch offices located in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.