"If you're sneakin', we're peekin'!" 
-Kathy Griffin

Surveillance is our specialty. Full stop. And for good reason. When your relationship or marriage is on the line or a child custody issue is before the court, you need absolute proof of your partner's misbehavior. 

And while a great many of our clients come to us for domestic (infidelity) surveillance and child custody issues, we also conduct surveillance for civil matters as well as insurance fraud. 

We have offices all over Texas, and our network of investigators is spread out all over the country.


Domestic surveillance is our most requested service. If you suspect a partner of cheating -whether in a simple dating relationship or a marriage with complex child custody issues - we have over 30 years of experience in catching cheaters. For more information and details, see our Infidelity/Child Custody page. 

Please keep in mind, the staff at Kgriff Investigations realizes the sensitivity of issues involved when a partner is unfaithful which is why we treat each individual case with the utmost respect, compassion, and confidentiality.

Infidelity/ Child Custody Surveillance

General Surveillance

Getting the Photo/Video evidence

In addition to cases related to domestic relationships and child custody, surveillance is a tool used in civil and/or insurance matters.  We are proud of our coveted reputation as the industry’s leading insurance investigation firm.  Our investigators will confirm or reject the validity of the claim and the circumstances surrounding causation and liability.  Our proven methodologies and systematic approach cover not only basic investigations but complex and highly contestable claims.

Here are some other areas where Kgriff can provide you with solid video and photo evidence of misbehavior. 

  • Workman's comp cases. Employers and their insurers call KGriff when they want to verify (and possibly reject) a client's claim of disability or injury.

  • Fraudulent Insurance claims. KGriff investigators assist insurers in reducing unnecessary losses due to fraudulent claim activity or inflated claim losses.

  • Employment contract violations. It's not just low-level employees. C-suite executives and board members have been discovered in violation of NDAs and non-compete agreements. Even worse, are your trade secrets or patents and processes being compromised? Don't hand your business over to your competitors. 

  • Confirm the integrity of a business partner. Does a business partner have a problem with gambling, alcohol or drugs? Is a high-profile executive or spokesperson violating a morals clause in a company contract? Your company's reputation could be at risk.

Rely on the Kgriff pros. Don't risk your case (or your safety) by attempting to stalk a partner or associate. If it goes badly, it will be your word against someone else's, and most of the things that you collect as evidence may be inadmissible. We can work with you and your attorney to provide you with the solid evidence that you need.