Background Checks

A new love interest. Your fiancé. A potential business partner. Child care providers (including babysitters, nannies, and au pairs.) An elder care provider. A new employee. Potential renters/tenants.

Don't become a victim. A KGriff Background Check is the easiest way to protect you and your interests.

Your first and best line of defense for any new personal relationship is a good background check. This applies to dates that you are becoming more intimate with, fiancés, childcare workers, elder care providers, and even your ex’s new love interest (who might have access to your kids.) And what about that new friend that wants you to go into business with him, or the invest with her?  CHECK. THEM. OUT.

Online background checks available to consumers are sometimes OK. They're inexpensive and you mostly get what you pay for. They can be handy if you’re just looking for a possible address of an old friend, but they are not as comprehensive as the databases that we access to as licensed private investigators. The databases we have are going to show several recent addresses, any aliases they have used, phone numbers, work histories, bankruptcies, major assets that they own, and even the subject’s friends and family. They're also going to pull up most criminal convictions.

In the modern era, it is usually too late once you have been scammed by a con artist boyfriend or a criminal business partner- the damage will have been done. Don't wait! You simply cannot afford to allow a person who is unknown to you to supervise your children or aging parents. You are taking a great risk by inviting a new love interest to share your apartment or car or have access to your personal information. And it would seem irresponsible to invest money or resources with someone whom you have not thoroughly examined their past. CHECK. THEM. OUT. 

A background check is the cheapest insurance policy you can have. 

Check Your Date's Background

Is S/He who S/He says S/He is?

Employment Background Checks

Check that resume, verify that job application

Kgriff has extensive experience in establishing employment background check programs for small businesses, government services, and large corporations. It has become crucial for non-profits and houses of worship to perform due diligence on their staff members that interact with the public. 

An accurate and thorough background check of potential employees is essential for an employer to make well-informed and cost-effective hiring decisions for their company. KGriff Investigations not only guarantees accurate, thorough, and complete information to our clients, we stand behind the dependability and integrity of that information. Industries like healthcare, finance, retail, and law enforcement require detailed and accurate background research and often have specific reporting procedures for this information. KGriff will work with your particular business to provide you with the information you need in the format that you need it. 

The Kgriff investigative team is dedicated to delivering unprecedented customer service and strives to accommodate every need and request our clients may have. Most reports are completed and delivered within 24 hours of receiving the request. High volume discounts are available for corporate and staffing agency clients.

Kgriff Investigations provides property managers with the proper resources needed for tenant screening. Kathy's team takes the guesswork out of leasing your property by using state-of-the-art technology as well as our dedicated staff who are highly trained to screen your prospective tenants.

Turnaround time for each applicant is 3 to 5 hours. When you use KGriff Investigations to screen your rental applicant, you receive: Full Credit Report, SSN Verification, Past and Present Address Verification (including NSF’s, Lates & Notices,) Employment and Salary Verification, Public Record Information (Judgements, Liens, Collections & Bankruptcies,) and a County Criminal Search. 


Don't risk your property - Check your applicant! 

Renter/Tenant Background Check

Verify your prospective tenant's application.