Computer/IT/Smartphone Forensics

In the event of a hacking attack, our Computer Forensics Team is ready to get your IT system up and running. We can help you identify online intruders and investigate internal or external fraud that penetrates your network. Don't let your business operation be victimized by a ransomware attack - the stakes are too high! Without an IT security plan in place, it's not a matter of if your system will be compromised, but when. 

Has someone compromised your smartphone? If you suspect that your cell phone has an unauthorized tracker installed or is being used for unauthorized payments, texts, calls, or online shopping trips, call us immediately. We can check your phone and get it cleaned up.   


Our staff has over 30 years in computer forensic investigations. Their expertise ranges from understanding the core hardware that builds any IT network to the current techniques that cybercriminals employ to hack into your system. 

At Kgriff, we know that every hour that your system is compromised is money coming out of your business. Call us now to get your business back.

(Check out some of our videos below to get an idea of some of the work we've done.)


Colman Ryan

Forensic/IT Expert

Colman Ryan is our chief cyber investigator and leads our team of IT experts. Colman has been featured on every major Television Station in Houston, Texas.  The Kgriff IT team can help you or your business prevent and/or recover from online fraud, hacker intrusion, malware attacks, and other cybercrime. 
Colman and his team are happy to conduct a forensic IT investigation, but it's often cheaper and safer to call him in before there is a problem - let us plan and implement a preventative strategy for your online presence. 

Hacker Prevention

Colman has been featured on every major TV station in Houston, Texas, and many of these stories are seen in other markets. 
In this video, Colman gives a warning on how hackers can easily access almost all of your online data if you don't take some very basic steps to keep them from accessing your router. 

Credit Card Theft 

One of your customers accuses you of stealing her credit card info and shows you how immediately after shopping at your store, thieves begin to use her card for their online activity. It's probably not you or your employees, but hackers sitting outside watching your wifi network and stealing unsecured information. 

In this news story, Colman Ryan discusses how this is possible and how to prevent it. (He issues a reminder: yes, you can be held accountable by your credit card processor for loss if you are negligent in protecting your system!) 

Residential Wifi Intrusion

The easiest ways for hackers to pirate your residential wifi systems are almost always the easiest to prevent. 

Colman was called in to determine why a home network was so slow, only to discover that a neighbor or two were piggybacking (and had infiltrated) the homeowner's wifi. 

There are some simple steps to avoid these hacks. Check out the story to get some network-saving tips.