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ABC13 Presents: How to Catch a Cheater

Featured in this ABC 13 news spot about Cheaters, Texas Private Investigator Kathleen Griffin shares her best tips about catching cheaters. Kathleen has over 25 years experience and has seen it all.

Watch Kathleen Griffin's Video on ABC 13 for these great tips to discover if your spouse or loved one is cheating.


Who is K. Griff?

K. Griff Investigations, Inc. is the largest female owned, full-service investigative agency in the State of Texas. Certified as a WMBE by the City of Houston and as a HUB by the State of Texas, K. Griff Investigations offers a wide range of services including background investigations, surveillances, employment screening and more to businesses, lawyers, law firms, individuals, real estate owners, management companies and the healthcare industry. Our continued commitment to excellence, value and quality service has been and will continue to be the foundation on which our success is built.

Founded in 1992, K. Griff Investigations opened its doors with two (2) employees, and two (2) clients for whom it conducted employment screening, civil processing, surveillances and other investigative services. After years of hard work and dedication to building a solid foundation and infrastructure, K. Griff Investigations has grown to become one of the leading full service investigation firms in the United States.

Today, our clientele encompasses the majority of the world-renowned Medical Center, located in Houston, Texas, as well as other nationally recognized healthcare agencies, national and international law firms, national real estate companies and numerous privately and publicly held corporations. Each year since its inception, K. Griff has shown significant growth in both its client base and profitability.



Civil Processing often times requires skill. Recipients of Civil Processing Summons can be evasive. We have the experience to execute Civil Processing accurately and  rapidly. Kgriff Investigations and Civil Processing knows every evasive trick in the book, because we have been doing this for over 25 years.

Our Team of Veteran Texas Private Investigators

Surveillance is serious business and you want a veteran investigator for this type of service. KGRIFF.COM has veteran investigators that are experts in the field of surveillance. This is why we are the best in the Private Investigation business. We have an old saying, "VIDEO DOES NOT LIE!"


How to catch a cheater - Houston Private Investigator

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