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Domestic Infidelity Surveillance

If you suspect your child is sexually active, abusing drugs/alcohol, going places other than where they are allowed or hanging out with the “wrong crowd”, we can help.  There are many ways to track your child, from video surveillances to GPS tracking devises, monitoring phone calls and computers as well as undercover work.  At K. Griff Investigations our staff consists of both male and female investigators, many of whom are bi-lingual and representative of all age groups that can assist you in the pursuit of truth and peace of mind.

Houston Surveillance Experts

K Griff Investigators are experienced surveillance veterans. We will travel anywhere in the united states to provide the best surveillance service for our clients. We keep our clients up to date and provide excellent reporting and video evidence. While most involve domestic, child custody, criminal, civil and/or insurance related matters, we are equipped and capable of handling any type of surveillance for any size case. In addition, we are experts at catching cheating spouses. K Griff has been featured on every major news station in Houston, Texas.

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Adolescent Surveillance

The staff at K. Griff Investigations realizes the sensitivity of issues involved when a partner is unfaithful, which is why we treat each individual case with the utmost respect, compassion and confidentiality. If you are trying to establish proof of infidelity on the part of your significant other, you will need an experienced private investigator. Our investigators will conduct video surveillance, obtain records, utilized GPS tracking devices on vehicles and provide you with the conclusive evidence you will need to make informed decisions based on truth and facts.

K. Griff Investigations is proud of its coveted reputation as the industry’s leading insurance investigation firm.  Our investigators will undertake to confirm the validity of the claim and the circumstances surrounding causation and liability as a matter of priority.  Our proven methodologies and systematic approach covers not only basic investigations but complex and highly contestable claims and we assist the insurers to reduce unnecessary losses due to fraudulent claim activity or inflated claim losses.

Workers Compensation Surveillance