Skiptrace / Locate

"Skiptrace" is an investigator's term for locating or finding a person of interest. Individuals, law firms, debt collectors, and even real estate investors trust Kgriff Investigations to locate friends and family members, witnesses, debtors, and landowners.  

We start with some of the most highly sophisticated database systems in use today to provide our clients with the most accurate information related to locating missing persons, friends, relatives, birth parents, debtors, defendants, etc. These are not consumer-grade online search tools, but the same databases that national law enforcement agencies have access to. As tracing individuals becomes increasingly more difficult with privacy rights, etc., Kgriff remains among an elite few that have developed the means over the years to provide fast and accurate locate information.

We cross-reference multiple databases to ensure the most current and accurate results as quickly as possible. (Volume discounts are available.)

Beyond online research, our investigators are ready to do some old-fashioned detective work when it comes to skiptraces. Locating and interviewing friends and family members of a missing person is an integral part of our skiptrace investigation. We will conduct more detailed and comprehensive searches based on our client's needs.