There is a growing need for personal security: bodyguards, family/child security escorts, armed security drivers.

Crime rates are on the rise. Social media has made it easy to reveal your and your family's identity to those who would pose a threat. Risk is present in normal daily routines or crowded public events. Kgriff will provide you with the protection you need and the peace of mind that you deserve.

Personal Protection, Bodyguard Services


Kgriff and her associates will work to form a personal security strategy for you, your corporate team, and/or your family and kids. Our highly-trained security personnel are vetted and selected for their experience, tactical training, and interpersonal skills. Depending on the situation and client preference, both male and female security agents are available. 


In today's volatile world, clients that seek protection come from a variety of backgrounds:

  • CEOs and corporate officers

  • Politicians and campaign personnel

  • Celebrities - musicians, media personalities, recognizable VIPs

  • Foreign dignitaries and international diplomats

  • High profile trial witnesses

  • Persons recently threatened by co-workers or estranged family members


We're seeing the need to protect Families of high-profile business execs or children of VIPs when they travel, especially overseas where kidnapping threats exist. Our officers are discreet, personable, and give you peace of mind as you move about in public.