Insurance / Workers Comp / Liability Investigations

Kgriff Investigations is proud of its coveted reputation as a leading insurance fraud and workman's comp investigation firm. Our experienced investigators will work to confirm the validity of a personal injury or liability claim. We will also conduct a thorough examination as to the cause of injury or loss if requested. Our proven methodologies and systematic approach cover not only basic investigations but complex and highly contestable claims. We assist insurers in reducing unnecessary losses due to fraudulent claim activity or inflated claim losses.


Personal injury fraud and dishonest (or exaggerated) worker's comp claims can cost businesses enormous amounts of time and money. Kgriff has been the first choice of several national Fortune 500 insurance firms.

The first step is often surveillance to confirm (or disprove) a claimant's injury or disability. For complex cases, our team will interview witnesses, collect and review evidence from the accident site, and gather other pertinent records regarding the incident. Kgriff's comprehensive and detailed reports including photos, videos, and all other related documents set the standard for insurance fraud investigations.  

Kgriff associates are ready to prepare the collected documentary evidence for trial.