Infidelity/Child Custody

Relationships are always tough, but infidelity is intolerable in any kind of partnership.

But are your suspicions correct? Is s/he really cheating? You want to be sure. You want absolute proof so that there are no false accusations that would destroy a relationship. On the other hand, if there is infidelity, you need to know. And you need to know now!
Whether the news is good or bad, Kgriff will provide you with the proof you need to move forward with your life.



Catching a Cheat

The staff at Kgriff Investigations realizes the sensitivity of issues involved when a partner is unfaithful, which is why we treat each individual case with the utmost respect, compassion, and confidentiality. If you are trying to establish proof of infidelity on the part of your significant other, you will need an experienced private investigator. Our investigators will conduct video surveillance, obtain records, utilize GPS tracking devices on vehicles and provide you with the conclusive evidence you will need to make informed decisions based on truth and facts.

Call the pros, don't risk accusations of "stalking," and don't put yourself in a compromising situation. We can get to the truth and secure the proof you need. 

Child Custody

Protecting Your Kids

Child custody issues are often the most contentious disagreements during a divorce or separation. In addition to custody arrangements regarding visitation and living arrangements, many agreements will often stipulate certain social limitations on one or both of the parents. Should the kids be exposed to your ex's new love interest? If s/he is suspected of having drug or alcohol problems, should the kids be around when mom or dad is drinking or having large gatherings? Can the kids be left with outside "babysitters" or other relatives?
If these court orders are ignored or if your ex is simply suspected of neglect, KGriff can get the proof you need to allow your attorney to negotiate a better or revised child custody arrangement.

If you present these accusations yourself, they can sometimes be interpreted as hearsay or dismissed as the anger of an emotionally distraught parent.  You need solid, unassailable proof. Kgriff knows what the court will need to see, and they will get it for you. 

Adolescent Surveillance

Keep Your Teens Out of Trouble

If you suspect your child is prematurely sexually active, abusing drugs/alcohol, going places other than where they are allowed to go or hanging out with the “wrong crowd," we can help.  There are many ways to track your child, from video surveillance to GPS tracking devices, monitoring phone calls and computers, as well as undercover work.  At Kgriff Investigations our staff consists of both male and female investigators, many of whom are bi-lingual and representative of various age groups. Kgriff can assist you in the pursuit of truth and get you peace of mind.