Elderly Exploitation / Abuse

Of all the investigations that Kgriff and her team work on, abuse and exploitation of the elderly are the most heartbreaking. The "aging of America" is producing an extreme demand for workers to help take care of our seniors. This high demand coupled with lax oversight has resulted in case after case of exploitation of our beloved family members.

The cases that we see often involve financial fraud perpetrated on unsuspecting retirees. Victims often assume that their caregivers can be trusted. Many seniors are not as mentally sharp as they once were. Worse still are cases that involve physical abuse. 

So much of this maltreatment can be prevented with a simple background check. Call KGriff to run a criminal and civil background check of any caregiver that has access to the vulnerable. Do this BEFORE you hire. A bit of due diligence can save financial, psychological and even physical harm. If you suspect that you or your loved one is being compromised by a person or an institution, call KGriff to investigate. 

Background Checks
for Caregivers

A call to KGriff can save your loved one from financial, psychological, and even physical harm. A background check performed on the caregivers that you hire is simple, quick, and inexpensive. Very inexpensive when you consider the cost if a bad actor decides to take advantage. 

Seniors, often trusting but just as often unaware, are easily taken advantage of. Some of these "caregivers" who prey on seniors are petty crooks looking to steal money or credit cards. Others are much more sophisticated. They're practiced con artists. They're criminals able to sweet talk unsuspecting retirees into signing over their estates. 

Safeguard your loved ones (and their retirement!) Don't let your loved ones fall victim!   

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Elderly Abuse: Exploitation/Fraud

If a bad actor is able to gain access to a vulnerable senior, the results can be devastating. Predators can take the guise of caregivers, "old friends," and even benevolent visitors. Perhaps they gain personal access. Others run a multitude of online scams to ensnare the elderly. 

Vulnerable seniors can be easily manipulated into signing binding legal documents. Forged checks, unauthorized financial transfers, transferred property deeds, and even secret marriage licenses... this kind of fraud is common. Seniors are especially susceptible to identity theft.  A con artist or swindler can devastate your family. With easy access and a little personal information, your world can turn upside down.


The Kgriff team can help you sort out financial fraud. Our computer experts can untangle hacked computers and uncover criminal activity.  Lockdown your loved one's financial accounts and call us immediately! If you suspect any intimidation or physical abuse, pick up the phone now!