Scope and Intent

An accurate and thorough background check of a potential employee is essential for an employer to make well informed and cost effective hiring decisions for their company. K. Griff Investigations not only guarantees accurate, thorough, and complete information to our clients, we stand behind the dependability and integrity of that information. Since healthcare facilities are held to a higher standard of conduct and care than other industries in the marketplace, it is our responsibility to assist our clients in meeting their mandate of patient safety and security in the workplace. We continue to meet these mandates through our Added Protection Integrity Program, criminal background checks, pre-employment screening, and compliance with JCAHO standards.

The team that comprises K. Griff Investigations is dedicated to delivering unprecedented customer service and strives to accommodate every need and request our clients may have.

Reporting Process

Our clients are sent either a pending or completed report directly via email or fax within 24 hours of receiving the request; the report is also put on our website for specified users. Our new internet access system enables users to login and view/print reports at their convenience. This feature cuts back on fax machine use, allows users to view/print reports 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and stores reports indefinitely in the system for future access.

Report Turnaround

Another advantage in using our company for background investigations is our 24-hour report turnaround time we offer. We provide our clients with either a completed or pending report within 24 hours of receiving the request. Statistically, ninety-two percent of background reports are completed within a 24-hour period. The remaining 8% are completed within 48 hours. Background reports do not stay “pending” for more than 48 hours, unless special circumstances exist (i.e. county court delays).

Process of Requesting A Background Report

An employment background report can be requested one of several ways: via email, facsimile, or regular mail. Requests sent via e-mail are fast and efficient, and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using any web browser. By using the internet for background requests, your company will save time and paper, and will be able to keep better track of background investigation requests and reports.

When requesting a background investigation on a prospective employee, there are three (3) items necessary to submit: Request Cover Sheet, Release and Authorization, and employment application. First, the Request Cover Sheet allows the recruiter to request specific information to be verified on an applicant. Second, the Release and Authorization Form, is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act for purposes of obtaining a consumer report for employment purposes. Finally, the applicant’s application is needed, which provides information such as, employers, academic institutions, and licensure/certification/registration, which guide our companType your paragraph here.

Background Checks - Crminal History

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